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Network Traffic Analysis

Introduction to Netstat


This scenario is an introduction to using Netstat for network management on Linux systems, particularly network troubleshooting. It will explain what Netstat is and show you some of the important flags you can use with the command to get specific output.

Disclaimer! This scenario is based on content from: - https://www.morpheusdata.com/blog/2017-04-20-how-to-use-netstat-for-network-troubleshooting - http://www.linuxandubuntu.com/home/linux-network-management-with-netstat

Based on the original content, we have improved on it as shown: 1. Availed virtual environments to test the commands and configurations. 2. Mapped the network configuration to allow easy access. 3. Provided practical examples of the configurations that you will play around with. 4. Provided the important information from both tutorials in an easy to follow guide.

What you will learn

After completing the scenario, participants will be able to use the Netstat tool to gather network problems and information about their networks. Specifically, this scenario addresses the following competencies: - What netstat is. - Basic netstat. - Techniques for filtering netstat results. - Checking network statistics using netstat.

Scenario Pre-requisites / recommendations

This scenario requires basic knowledge in Linux operating systems.

Technical Details

  • This scenario uses a Virtual Machine with CentOS 7 that will enable you to test the commands and configurations. Netstat has already been installed for you on the machine.