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Monitoring System Metrics with TIG Stack


This scenario will illustrate how to install and setup TIG stack on CentOS8 for monitoring system metrics. TIG stack is a group of powerful open-source monitoring tools, Telegraf, InfluxDB and Grafana.

Disclaimer! This scenario is based on content by Koromicha from: https://kifarunix.com/install-telegraf-on-fedora-30-fedora-29/ https://kifarunix.com/install-influxdb-on-fedora-30-fedora-29/ https://kifarunix.com/install-and-setup-tig-stack-on-fedora-30/

Based on the original content, we have improved on it as shown: - Availed a virtual environment to test the commands and configurations. - Mapped the network configuration to allow easy access. - Added Demonstrations of the commands in a real test environment.

What you will learn

At the completion of the scenario, participants will be able to successfully install and set up TIG Stack on CentOS 8. Specifically, this scenario addresses the following competencies: - Installing Telegraf, InfluxDB and Grafana from RPM package and from repositories. - Creating a database that will be used to store the time series metrics collected by the Telegraf agent. - Configure Telegraph Plugins - Visualize system metrics with Grafana.

Scenario Pre-requisites / recommendations

  • This scenario requires basic knowledge in Linux operating systems.

Technical Details

  • This scenario uses 1 virtual machine.