Your Own Cyber Dojo

Cyber Range is a gamified cyber security training platform which provides users and organizations with the most powerful tools to build on their security skills. With cutting edge technology and an online gaming interface, Cyber Range is the ultimate tool to showcase your skills to the community by competing against other specialists within a fun and gratifying environment.

Outstanding Features


Hone your skills using the latest technology in Virtual Machines with dedicated systems presenting real vulnerabilities and simulated real-life scenarios.


Create and customize your profile, battle your way to the top and show your expertise to the world.

Team Up

Join forces with others and compete in team battles earning more rewards and improving your skills in team building. Help your alliance dominate the world of Cyber Security.


Progress your specialization and prove your superiority in your field of expertise. Practice your skills in various fields and become the ultimate security expert.

Fit for All

Designed and developed by Cyber Security Experts for

Join the Fight!

With the cutting edge technologies of Cyber Range, practicing and improving on your skills has never been easier. No installations or machines setup required. Everything is setup and pre-installed just for you.

It is as simple as Register and Start playing


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