Cyber Range - Securing Cyber Space

Key Features and Applications


  • Built on cloud technology to scale up to thousands concurrent users and virtual environments
  • Availabile as a service, hosted or as a highly secure on premise cyber range
  • Integration with IoT and Scada/ICS environments
  • Support for individual and team-based cyber exercises
  • Automatic support of Windows licensing
  • Competence-based scoring and assessment (NIST NICE Competence Framework, European e-Competence Framework)
  • Powerful virtualization automation


  • Cyber Exercises
  • Training
  • National cyber competition and CTF events
  • Competence Assessment

A Turn-Key National-Scale Cyber Range Solution

Delivering Large ScaleCyber Exercises Since 2014

Cyber Range is used by the United Nations’ International Telecommunication Union (ITU) for regional and national cyberdrill exercises around the world

Used for national and international cyber competitions in over 10 countrieswith thousands of participants

The Power of Cyber Range Automation At your Fingertip!


Design and build custom scenarios, including complex virtual environments, storylines with clear objectives and cyber challenges


Make your scenario available on Cyber Range to be used whenever you want or let others use it on demand.


Set up and run cyber exercises within minutes and with just a few mouse clicks.


Assess the competences of individuals or of a team using standard competence frameworks.

Deployment Options

Cyber Range as a Service

Cloud-based solution accessible as and when needed for ad-hoc delivery of cyber exercises and events.tomize your profile, battle your way to the top and show your expertise to the world.


Dedicated cloud-based solution with private workspace and additional user and competence management functionalities.

On Premise

Delivered through dedicated hardware, hosted on premise and isolated to provide the ultimate level of security and flexibility.

Designed for Security Professionals to Address The Growing Security Skills Gap 


Hone your skills using the latest technology in Virtual Machines with dedicated systems presenting real vulnerabilities and simulated real-life scenarios.


Create and customize your profile, battle your way to the top and show your expertise to the world.


Team Up

Join forces with others and compete in team battles earning more rewards and improving your skills in team building. Help your alliance dominate the world of Cyber Security.


Progress your specialization and prove your superiority in your field of expertise. Practice your skills in various fields and become the ultimate security expert.



  • Thought for the community
  • Free monthly access to community scenarios and virtual environments
  • Access to the Scenario Composer for community scenarios




We Manage It, You Use It
  • Thought for the enterprise and security professionals
  • Access to all Cyber Range scenarios
  • Access to the Scenario Composer for private scenarios
  • Ability to create cyber exercise events on demand
  • Access to Competence Model and reporting



Your Own Private Range Hosted by Us
  • Thought for larger organizations
  • Private workspace on Cyber Range infrastructure
  • Access to all Cyber Range functionalities
  • Admin access to Cyber Range for full flexibility and control



Your Own Private Range Total Control
  • Thought for security focused organizations
  • Deployed on dedicated hardware on premise
  • Full access to Cyber Range functionalities
  • Built to measure to meet specific scalability requirements


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