June 17, 2020 CYBER RANGES

About us

Born in 2017 but already used across the world. CYBER RANGES is a software platform for the development of cyber capabilities through continuous user interaction. With an experienced team, a robust technology setup and an ever improving platform, the CYBER RANGES vision is to become the cyber range of choice for realistic hands-on cyber security competency, capability and resilience development.

Almerindo Graziano, PhD – Co-Founder, CEO

Almerindo Graziano, a.k.a. Al has over 20 years worth of industry experience in information and cybersecurity, ranging from the development of the first university master-level programme in the UK (2005) up to security consultancy and strategic advisory services to private and government organizations across Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the Asia Pacific.

Al is a cybersecurity expert for the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). Since 2014 he has contributed to the delivery of ITU Cyber Drills and workshops for national CERTs and governments around the world. Al is the co-chair of the European Cyber Security Organization (ECSO) sub-working group on Cyber Range environments and technical exercises. An adventurer and explorer at heart Al he is a keen motorbiker.

George Nicolaou – Co-Founder, Head of Research and Security Innovation

George Nicolaou leads CYBER RANGES research and innovation, bringing over 15 years worth of experience in reverse engineering and advanced research projects on the development of software static-analysis frameworks, cyber-threat intelligence platforms and ultimately falling in love with cloud technology.

Just give George a challenge; he will return you the solution. George is to software engineering what Michelangelo’s David in Florence is to the embodiment of Mankind… if only David had a Cypriot beard and George’s intolerance for poor coding skills, that is!!

Walter de Donato, PhD – CYBER RANGES Technical Product Manager

Walter leads the CYBER RANGES software development team bridging the communication between the CYBER RANGES business unit and the R&D department. Before joining CYBER RANGES, Walter was the co-founder and CTO of NM2 where he led the development of the company product line in the areas of traffic simulation and analysis.

Walter is also the main architect of the CYBER RANGES Injector Engine and other key components, thanks to over a decade of research experience in such different areas as network topology discovery and mapping, Linux-based embedded systems, network processor architectures, and content distribution networks. A proud father and husband, Walter leads on the work-life balance challenges and inspires us all.

Sathish Govindharajan, MSc – Head of Infrastructure

Sathish leads the CYBER RANGES infrastructure and technology operations, ensuring the CYBER RANGES lights are always on and healthily pulsing. He has gained a 15-year experience in system administration, management of ICT infrastructures and large-scale security integration projects across financial, telco and government projects. Referred by his team as Guru, many believe Sathish to be a mythological figure: half-human, half machine. He is often found battling the sentinels in the Zion of CYBER RANGES.

Marcello Hinxman-Allegri – Head of Marketing and Business Development

A Chartered Marketer by profession and an international trade developer and project manager by experience, Marcello leads the CYBER RANGES marketing team and worldwide channels development. Marcello brings to the company over 25 years of experience across the online learning domain, and other design-and-technology led industries. It is believed Marcello is the reincarnation of a fearless, curious hunter from the Ice Age.