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Introduction to GPG

Info This scenario serves as a basic introduction to Public Key Cryptography. It will expose you to encryption, decryption, digital signatures and signing which are all important aspects of security.

Disclaimer! This scenario is based on content from: - https://www.poftut.com/install-use-gpg-encrytion-linux-order-encrypt-decrypt-files-folder/ - https://www.goanywhere.com/blog/2019/03/28/pgp-vs-gpg-whats-the-difference

Based on the original content, we have improved on it as follows: 1. Availed a virtual environment to enable you run the commands. 2. Explained the difference between PGP and GPG.

What you will learn:

After completing the scenario, participants will be able to do encryption and decryption using GPG. Specifically, this scenario addresses the following competencies: - Generating key pairs. - Sharing public keys securely. - Using the keys for encryption and decryption.

Scenario Pre-requisites / Recommendations

It is required that you have basic Linux skills to work in a Linux environment.

Technical Details

  • This scenario covers various virtual machines. To help you practice, use the Cent OS Virtual machine.
  • All packages have been installed for you but not configured. As the VMs do not have internet access by design, any install commands shown are for reference purposes only and should not be run.